Hospiscare Exmouth & Lympstone

Benefits to Volunteering

Why did I become a Volunteer?.....Read the stories of two of our wonderful Volunteers.

Wendy Simson, Fundraising Volunteer       

Why did I become a volunteer?  Because Hospis ‘care’ and so do I.  

Like so many people, cancer has touched my family and friends over the years.  It never seemed quite enough to send a donation - although greatly appreciated.  So being 'magic with my Marigolds' (also known as a good washer-upper), I felt I could do more, so I did and joined 'the team' where I was made to feel very welcome.  

However little time you have, whether putting the newsletter in envelopes or helping out on our stall on The Strand, or anything in between, your support is vital as we go forward to enable us to expand our care. Exmouth and Lympstone Hospiscare is here to serve your local community.  Come and join our volunteers - all ages welcome - you will make a difference.

Alice Robson, Patient Support & Fundraising Volunteer

I have been working as a volunteer within the UK Hospice Family since 1985, upon relocating to Exmouth in 2015 I joined the team of Volunteers within Exmouth & Lympstone Hospiscare.

I am involved with the ‘Patients Group’ which is held at the centre in Highview Gardens every 2nd Thursday of each month. I feel it a great privilege to listen to patients express their very personal and individual anxieties , fears & hopes.

The ability to communicate with patients is, I feel, one of the most important aspects of a Volunteers role and this does not always necessitate ‘talking’. Kindness, warmth, understanding, compassion and the ability to listen or even just to sit quietly with someone is often what is needed. I appreciate having been given the opportunity to be part of this very special group and when I help occasionally with fundraising events it becomes even more apparent to me why the vital funds to run this wonderful charity are so very important.